Technology Salary Guide 2018 

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Tech is known for being one of today's most lucrative career paths, however, it is filled with as much competition as it is opportunity.

Our 2018 Salary Guide gives both technologists and hiring managers the crucial tech job market information they need to stay ahead in this industry.

In this guide you will find:

  • Current national salaries for 270+ tech roles
  • Local salary variances for major North American markets
  • Tech jobs increasing and decreasing in demand
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Tech Job Demand Changes over Past 5 Years

Tech Roles Increasing in Demand (2013 vs. 2018)


The more the economy invests in new technology, the greater the need becomes for talent to develop it. Taking a look at the past five years, we can observe the roles and skills emerging to shape the present and future technology landscape.

Top Roles Increasing in Demand:

  • DevOps Engineer - 208% increase
  • Data Scientist - 173% increase
  • GoLang Developer- 130% increase
  • React Developer - 121% increase

Is your role rising in demand? If so, download our guide to ensure you are offering and/or making a competitive salary. 

Role Increase

Tech Roles Decreasing in Demand (2013 vs. 2018)


While some roles and technologies are, in fact, dying out in popularity and utility (e.g. Perl, PHP), the decline of others (e.g. DBA, Linux/Unix) is merely a result of title and responsibility shifts.

Top Roles Declining in Demand:

  • Perl Developer - 35% decrease
  • PHP Developer - 20% decrease
  • Database Administrator- 13% decrease 

Is your role (or your team's roles) on the decline? If so, reach out and we will help you determine how to best prepare for you and your team's future. 

Role Decrease

Where Do You Stack Up Against Today's Market?

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